Annual Meeting

Your 2019 Y-W Electric Association Inc. Annual Meeting will be held March 21, 2019 in Wray, Colorado.

Office Closures

Y-W Electric will be closed Monday, November 12th, 2018 for our employees to observe Veteran's Day.

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Member Incentives

Notice Change in Rules and Regulations

Y-W Electric Association, Inc. Announces Capital Credit Refund

Unclaimed Capital Credits Refund Checks

Y-W Electric Association has unclaimed capital credits refund checks for many individuals. If you are on this list, please contact our office.

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General Rebate Information

Rebates are sponsored by Y-W Electric Association and our provider of wholesale power, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association.


Must be installed on Y-W Electric Association Lines.

Installation has to be verified on site by Y-W employee.

Dated invoice or bill of sale required.

2018 Rebate Programs

Electric Appliance Rebate Form

To apply for a rebate on an electric appliance:

Print the following form

Complete the form

Print the completed form and mail it to us at the address below, or bring it to our office

Electric Appliance Rebate Form

Special Programs

Economic Development

Loans available for local development

Power Line Safety Demonstrations

Available for any organization including clubs and schools.

Appliance Audits

To assist you in analyzing your home energy usage

Heat Loss Calculation

To assist you in buying the properly sized unit

Flexible Billing Options

Budget billing, semi-annual billing, automatic bank payment

Renewable Energy Green Power Rates

Participate in Y-W Electric Association's Green Power Program

Available Fault Current Data

To assist in specifying and purchasing properly-rated electrical equipment and in designing variable-frequency drives and arc-flash studies. This form must be printed, filled in, signed, and delivered or mailed to Y-W Electric Association's office in Akron. It is best printed on legal size paper.

Click here for the Fault Current form

Application for Addition to Qualified Bidders List (Prospective Construction Contractors)

To assist Y-WEA personnel in evaluating prospective construction contractors for addition to Y-WEA’s Qualified Bidders Lists for distribution line, transmission line, or substation construction projects, all interested bidders are required to complete the Prospective Bidder Qualification Form linked below and return it, together with the additional required information, to Y-WEA. Y-WEA will periodically review applications that are received, generally shortly before a construction project is released for bids, and determine whether or not each prospective contractor will be added to the appropriate Qualified Bidders List(s). Y-WEA will not add any contractor to a Qualified Bidder’s List once the list for a particular project has been finalized (usually within a day or two prior to the release of bidding materials to approved bidders), but any applications received after that time will be considered for future projects. In the interest of full disclosure, Y-WEA almost never contracts for distribution line work except in very highly specialized cases or emergency situations with large amounts of damaged distribution lines. When transmission line or substation projects arise, however, Y-WEA usually does contract this work.

Click here for the Prospective Bidder Qualification Form

Bank Payment Authorization

Complete and print this application and bring to our office or mail it. We will also need a voided check with the form.

Application for Service

Complete and print this application and bring to our office or mail it.

Renewable Generation Interconnections

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission allows consumers in the state of Colorado to interconnect small renewable generation systems to their services within their set of rules. These rules apply to Y-W Electric Association’s consumers in Colorado. In many cases, residential consumers may connect and net meter renewable distributed generation systems up to 10 kW in capacity to their accounts, and commercial consumers may connect and net meter renewable distributed generation systems up to 25 kW in capacity to their accounts. These generation limits may be reduced by Y-WEA’s system capacity in areas of our distribution system.

For interconnection instructions, requirements, and the application form for inverter-based generators up to 10 kW in size, click here.

For instructions, requirements, and an application for all other renewable generation projects, click here.