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In action taken at the November 15, 2022 Board Meeting, the Y-W Board of Directors authorized the general retirement of capital credits from 2000/2001 amounting to $1,300,000. In addition to the general retirement of capital credits for 2000/2001, the Board also authorized payments to estates throughout 2022 in the amount of $136,387, bringing the total amount of capital credit retirement to $1,500,000. In the prior ten years, 2013 through 2022, Y-W Electric has refunded capital credits totaling more than $17,678,000.

If you were a member/consumer of Y-W Electric in 2000/2001, you can expect to receive a refund check based upon the amount of electricity you used during that year. The checks will be mailed out the week of December 19, 2022. To lower the costs associated with refunding capital credits, any refund amount less than $10.00 will be credited to your January 14, 2023 billing statement. If you are no longer receiving electric service from Y-W Electric, you will receive a refund check only if the amount is $10.00 or greater. Any amount less than $10.00 will be retained in your capital credit account. The yearly refunded amounts will accrue until the total reaches the $10.00 check limit, at which time a refund check for the total stored amount will be issued. If you prefer a check for any amount under $10.00, please contact our office.

Y-W Electric Association, Inc. is a cooperative owned by its members. All margins (profits) that remain at year-end are then allocated to be returned to the members as the financial condition of the cooperative allows. As member/owners, you have a voice in how your cooperative is managed, through your elected Board of Directors who oversee the management and policies of the cooperative.